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With over 15 years of lighting control experience, we can help you design your lighting control system. From hard-wire new construction projects to wireless lighting systems we can help you.

Want to reduce wall clutter?

We can design your system to ‘hide’ the dimmers and switches in a central location or place them in nearby closets, garages and cabinets so only the keypad appears on the wall for a nice aesthetic.  

Retrofit a lighting control system

If you’ve always wanted a lighting control system, or perhaps you are doing a small remodel, but would like to include the whole house in the design of a lighting control system, that’s not a problem!  With a Control4 wireless ZigbeePro system you can swap your existing light switch and replace it with a smart switch or smart dimmer.

Pathway Lighting

Have you ever counted how many button presses it takes to get to the master bedroom from the garage when you come home at night?  Wouldn’t it be great if the lights just came on automatically as you made your way down the hallway?  Let us help you design your lighting control system so your life can become Control4 everyday easy!

Lighting Accessories

Landscape Lighting: Why bother using a mechanical timer when you can have complete control with an astronomic time clock?  You can set program times from your computer and control it from your mobile app.

Contact Switches: If a switch can control a light then it should be able to control anything right?  We have provided control and automation for clients fireplaces, outdoor heaters, fountains, skylights and more!


What is Lighting Control?

A lighting control system enables you to program lighting settings and easily manage your lights automatically from a portable or mounted touch pad device. 

Lighting controls can be customized for home theater ambiance, timed security illumination, energy conservation or by creating individual or group lighting sets you can create a variety of aesthetics lighting scenes. With advanced technology, you're now able to manage your lights from a iPhones, iPads and other tablet devices you already own. 

The advantage of lighting control systems over the conventional light switch is the ability to control all lights from one location.  Have access to interior and exterior lights at a central location. Most commonly, lighting control can result in saving money on your electrical bill by programming energy conservation lighting schemed and timers.  For example, by operating dimmers you'll be able to extend the life of your bulb and use less energy. 

As old windows should be replaced to save on your energy bill, your conventional lights should be upgraded as well. Contact us to find out how to make your home more efficient. 


Safe-T Security works with the top brands in the industry to provide a variety of solutions for residential and commercial lighting needs on any budget. We engineer and provide custom designed, innovative, and convenient lighting scenes that make the space more appealing and energy efficient. 


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