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Looking to build a new house? Will your home be wired for the future? Once you have completed that dream house you will want to make sure your new home and your family are protected. Therefore, during the building and planning process be sure you have your home wired for the future and think about what kind of security system would best fit your family's needs.

In your search for a new home, you probably wouldn't think twice about rejecting one without indoor plumbing or air conditioning. A few years from now, a home without category 5 wiring and coaxial (RG6) cable may be just as obsolete.

What are these strange-sounding wires? They are just a few of the main actors in the concept of structured wiring, a process of built-in connections to support digital video, voice and data systems.

We will work with your builder to ensure your house is ready for the necessities such as security and proper wiring. We will meet with you and/or your builder to design a system that meets your needs. We will then coordinate scheduling with the builder to ensure that all the construction deadlines are met.

What will pre-wiring do for me?

  • As new technologies emerge and become more connected, having a home wired to support these features could mean the difference between future-readiness and obsolescence.
  • Many of the electronics and systems already in your home today would benefit from being interconnected from room to room; connecting PCs and printers within the home facilitates file sharing and allows information to be sent from a PC in one room to a printer in another, similar to the setup in an office.
  • Television connections and distribution throughout the home let you and your family watch a DVD movie in your bedroom, even when the player is hooked up to the TV in the den; there's no need to buy a VCR or DVD player for every television in the home.
  • Video distribution allows for the addition of in-home camera upgrades, displaying their image on any television screen in the home. 

  • The key is in what it will allow you to do in the future.
  • There is no need to re-wire when you add new systems, services, electronics or other devices.
  • Your home will already be wired to accommodate additional cameras, telephones, PCs, televisions, or many other devices yet to be developed.
  • You can be involved in the decision-making process of where to run the wire and where the wall ports should be located.
  • Pre-wiring a home lets you avoid the added expense and hassle of disturbing drywall to install the wiring into the core of the home.

One national industry group suggests that new homeowners budget approximately one percent of their new homes value to wiring infrastructure. Remember, it is easy to add any number of new systems or even things like Internet enabled appliances to your home in the future – as long as the wiring is already there. Ensure you have the ability to take advantage of the latest that technology has to offer.

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