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Imagine pressing a ‘morning’ button on your smart phone, and automatically your shades are drawn open, the heater turns on, and the lights dim on in the bedroom all before setting one foot out of bed.  Or maybe it would be more convenient to press one ‘away’ button before you leave to turn off any lights left on, turn off the thermostat, and turn off the TV’s.  Whatever your lifestyle or business needs are, with Control4, we can provide the solution of your dreams. 

Control4 is the leader in control, automation and integration products.  Control4 makes life easier by integrating, numerous household systems in a way that best suits your lifestyle. 

Control4 Businesses Solutions

Case Study: Golf Reinvented

  American Disability Act (ADA)       


If you have a disability or just want to enjoy the convenience of being able to tell your house what to do, then the VoicePod is for you!  By using simple announcement commands you can turn lights on/off, change channels, adjust the temperature, pretty much whatever you want!



  Automated Door Locks       


Provide different users with their own access code and receive a text alert when the door is unlocked and/or locked.  Great for letting you know that the kids came home safely from school, or that housekeeping arrived on time. 








  Kitchen Appliances       


Wouldn’t it be nice to get a text alert that the refrigerator door has been left open so the food doesn’t spoil? Or get a text alert that the oven has finished preheating, or that the baking time has been completed?  All of this is now possible with the partnership between Sub-Zero / Wolf with Control4! 









  Intercom Systems       


Front Door

Want to know or see who is at the front door?  Safe-T Security provides intercom systems for your every need.  From electronic door strikes, to code access, to fingerprint readers we help you choose a door station that’s best for you and your family



From baby monitoring to making a page announcement that dinner is ready to intercoms that also play music, Safe-T Security Sight & Sound has different intercom solutions that can meet your budget.

  Pool Integration       







Want to turn on the air conditioner from the office so the house will be cool by the time you get home?  OR maybe you want to check that the air conditioner has been turned off to keep your bill down.  Either way, you can do this remotely from your iPhone or Android mobile device.




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Safe-T Security can help you turn your home into a smart home.


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