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In the past few years, home security systems have become much smarter about keeping an eye on your home while you're asleep or out for the day. As well as protecting you better in emergencies, they now come with new features and smart technology that old systems can't offer, giving you way more value from your investment. 

A smart home system can send you a notification when your teen gets home from school or their part-time jobs.


It can show you who's at your front door, and let you talk to them, through a video doorbell. You can see an HD video feed of your kids in the back yard while you're cooking dinner.

A smart home security system from Safe-T is engineered to ensure that an emergency signal gets through - even if the power is out, the phone line and internet are down, or your panel is smashed. With a Safe-T smart home system, we use a dedicated cellular connection—the communications link between your system and our partner's security platform—doesn't rely on a vulnerable phone line or broadband cable. It can't be defeated with wire cutters, nor by a falling tree branch.

If an intruder enters your home and smashes the security panel, our Crash and Smash protection can still trigger a response. This cloud technology feature alerts the monitoring station when your armed security system goes offline after detecting activity. 

Whether you're running a quick errand or 1,000 miles from home, you can stay connected to home with Safe-T smart security. That means peace of mind and convenience, no matter where you are. 

Even if there is an issue at home, it's easier to manage with a smart security system. You can get immediate notifications that can include images and video clips to show you what's going on. If you need to give a neighbor or contractor emergency access, you can unlock your front door as easily as if you were there in person.

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