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Ever wonder where the audio video equipment is when you see that nice big flat panel TV hanging on the wall in a nice home? Sometimes itís in a cabinet nearby, but more often than not, the a/v equipment has been relocated to a closet or some other room. In fact if you are remodeling, it might be nice to move ALL the equipment from all the TV rooms into one area. This is what we call a centralized video distribution system. Itís a nice way to hide all the components in one area, and at the same time make the TV viewing rooms look nicer because you have removed that eye-sore of an a/v cabinet at each TV location AND if its designed correctly, you can even share video sources with different rooms further reducing the amount of equipment you have. Instead of thinking one cable box for each TV, think one cable box for each user that resides at the home. For more info on video distributionÖ
Yes, you can simplify your lifestyle with technology even if you don't consider your self a tech person! And it's easy to get started! Read a Control4 guest post by Digital Smart Homes in Vancouver, BC.