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Safe-T Security Smart Home Challenge - Part 1

Smart Home Challenge - Part 1

Take the Safe-T Security Smart Home Challenge to find out how knowledgeable you are when it comes to converting your home to a smart home.  For part one we'll start off with some easier questions and  increase the level of difficulty with each challenge. Let's get started...    

1) True or False: Do you need a landline to own a monitored security system? 

False.  If you don’t have a landline or don’t want to get one, you can use the cellular network for about the same monthly cost.

2)  True or False:  Whole house music systems are complex and require extensive wiring. 

False.  Sonos offers a wireless music distribution system that's easy-to-use and streams Pandora, iTunes, iHeartRadio, satellite radio and more.

3)  True or False: You can only get bundled service packages (phone, Internet & TV) through your cable provider. 

False. Not only can you save up to $180 on a DirecTV bundled install, but it also makes it easier by combining all 3 into 1 bill!

4)  True or False: Safe-T Security is a DirecTV dealer. 


5)  What is THX?

A. The text abbreviation for “Thanks”

B. It is a development of George Lucas’ company, Lucasfilm

C. It is an audio & video reference standard for movie theaters, home theaters, and more.

Answer: All of the above; however, THX is a reference standard and not a format like Dolby and DTS.


Now, count how many you have correct.

All 5: You just might be a tech guru!  Let’s see how you handle the next challenge.

3-4: You’re doing a great job.  Have you ‘liked’ us on Facebook yet?  We continue to provide the latest information in security and audio video technology.  Stay in touch and you’ll ace the next challenge!

Less than 3: You’re probably just getting your feet wet, and want to learn more.  ‘Like’ on Facebook to continue receiving information and keep taking our challenge.  You’ll be surprised to see what technology can do nowadays to help simplify your life.

Check back for our next smart home challenge to continue testing your knowledge!

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