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4 Ways to Avoid Home Security Sales Scams

Be wary of door-to-door home security system salespeople.  They could be breaking the law and they could be trying to scam you, according to the state Department of Consumer Affairs.  Here's a list of 4 key tips to know when it comes to door-to-door home alarm system sales:


  1. Anyone selling home alarm systems door-to-door in California is required to have passed a criminal background check and have been licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. But in reality, warned the consumer agency, many sellers have done neither. Before listening to the pitch, ask to see the salesperson's state registration card.
  2. Beware of pressure to sign a contract immediately.  Homeowners are sometimes pushed to sign overpriced alarm contracts that last for as long as five years, automatically roll-over to a new cycle and provide limited opportunity to cancel monitoring services. Some contracts also may include an outrageously expensive early termination fees.
  3. Some salespeople and scammers seek to find a home with an alarm company yard sign or sticker and claim to be a representative of the company that was sent to check, replace or upgrade the system. Or the individual may tell you that your company has gone out of business and he or she represents the new company.  In both cases, do not allow the individual into your home to see your alarm system, and do not sign a new contract.
  4. California state law gives you a three-day window after signing to cancel a home security contract and get your money back. Deliver your cancellation in letter or send it by certified mail to ensure it is received.