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Improve Your Outdoor Security Measures

Now that it's time for some spring cleaning and you're busy getting your house and yard back in order form the winter weather, take some extra time to spruce up your outdoor security.  We've put together a list of areas that may need improvement.  Use this as a checklist and improve your outdoor security measures today!


  •  Look for vulnerable areas around your house that an intruder might find appealing.  Over grown shrubs can be used as a quick way to hide in the event someone passes by during the act.  
  • Plant thorny shrubs that will make any burglar think twice about trying to get close enough to climb through a window or try to hide behind.
  •  If you have a fence make sure the gates have locks. A fence is an extra layer of protection, but only if it’s difficult to get over or through. If a burglar knows he’s going to have to climb over a fence weighed down with his ill-gotten loot he may reconsider making the attempt in the first place.

Outdoor Lighting


  • Add more exterior lighting if you have dark areas around the house. Use motion sensor lights that will automatically be triggered by movement. This may enough to scare away anyone stalking around the house.


Outdoor Surveillance Cameras


  • Outdoor surveillance cameras can be a good deterrent to theft. Burglars would more likely avoid a house that has surveillance cameras than be caught red-handed.
  • You have many options when it comes to outdoor security cameras, but whatever you choose make sure it is weather proof and sturdy. Some cameras can capture color video while others capture in black and white. There are even some cameras capable of changing their exposure for day and night recording, while other cameras can even focus in on a license plate under the right placement circumstances. While there are differences in the specific cameras to consider, there is also a variety of camera monitoring services to consider.  Surveillance services range from recording to a DVR to streaming live or even to video alarm monitoring.
  • Once you've determined that outdoor surveillance cameras are needed, then consider the size of the area you would like covered by the camera.  Depending on the area multiple cameras may be necessary. To help you answer some of these more detailed questions call to set up an on-site appointment with one of our camera experts at no charge.  We'll help you develop the best surveillance camera set-up for your needs.


Exterior Doors

  • Make sure you lock to the garage door every night just as you would make sure the front door is secure. Many homeowners over look locking the garage entry door, but for a burglar it can prove to be an easy access point.
  • Install quality locks on all exterior doors. Don't install the cheapest door locks out there to protect all the important things you have inside the house. Look for locks that have special features to make your doors more secure against break-ins.
  • Enhance exterior door security with the use of multiple locks. There should be at least two locks on each door. The more time you make a would-be intruder spend trying to get past your locks, the less likely he is to want to stand there attempting to break-in. Add extra locks on areas of the house that are not highly visible.

Other Tips

Ground floor windows with transparent or no blinds that display desirable items such as electronics or jewelry should be blocked with window coverings. 

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