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Safe-T Security Smart Home Challenge - Part 2


Take the Safe-T Security Smart Home Challenge to find out how knowledgeable you are when it comes to converting your home to a smart home.  

Wait, haven't taken the Smart Home Challenge Part 1 yet?  Take that now

1) What is a "smart home"?

A.  One that locks your doors automatically at 10pm

B.  One that let’s your turn off the thermostat with your smart phone after you left the house

C.  Use your smart device or computer to find out if you left the garage door open or send a command to close it.

D.  One that sends a text message that your fridge door is left open

E.  One that let’s you see who is at the door on your mobile device.


Answer is: All of the above. Save time, get peace of mind, and live better with a smart home.   


2)  True or False:   A 100” film screen with projector costs more money than an 80” LED flat panel TV?  


        False.  You could even go to a 120” film screen and still have a bright image for daytime viewing for a comparable cost.


3)  True or False: More people rent DVD’s as opposed to streaming?  


False.  2012 was the first year that people streamed more movies than either buying or renting physical discs.

4)  True or False:  If you are watching an HD channel that means you are automatically ‘seeing’ High Definition? 

Not necessarily.  Just because a station is a HD broadcast station you need to be aware of the following. 

First, if you have an old TV (especially one that doesn’t have HDMI inputs) it’s most likely broadcasting in 480i which is standard definition.  Second, if you have a new flat panel and a HD cable or satellite box you still need to check 2 things.  You have to make sure that you are watching a HD channel.  If for example you are still going to channel 2 on your cable box, that is the older standard definition broadcast.  The high definition version of channel 2 will most likely be in the 400’s, 1000's or so depending on your tv provider.  Open up your ‘guide’ and scroll down until you see channel ‘2 CBS HD’, and this will be the broadcast channel that you should be watching.  Finally, you need to go into ‘settings’ on your cable or satellite box to make sure that it’s on auto, 720p or 1080i.  

5) What is the biggest advantage to owning a home video surveillance system:

A.  Being able to remotely view the cameras to check on a false alarm.

B.  Being able to record events that happen on your property.

C.  Being able to check on your loved ones when you are not at home, including the woof or meow. 

D. Adding an extra deterrent on your property for a possible break-in.


Answer:  All of the above.  We think you knew that too. 

Now, count how many you have correct.

All 5: Awesome!  Either you already have a smart home or it would fit your lifestyle perfectly.  Learn more about smart home features or talk to one of our experts.

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