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Declutter with Distributed Video

Eliminate unsightly cable boxes and wires with a distributed video system.

If you are in the market for a video distribution system, then you probably have been looking at a video matrix switch at the core of your system and possibly a HDBaseT one.  Size-wise, most people have interest in the 8x8 matrix switch, giving the users the ability to choose from 8 video sources being routed to 8 TV’s.  It’s easy for most people to see the benefit of having all the equipment stored in one place and to just have the TV’s in the rooms for a nice clean uncluttered look in the viewing areas.  Although the box-style matrix switch can be a good solution for some, it’s not a cure-all for all residences and establishments.  With a matrix switch, you need to choose from a 4x4, 8x8, etc., but what do you do if your needs don’t fit so cleanly?  As an example, suppose you have 3 video sources and 10 TV’s?  Are your only options really to spend the extra money for a 16x18 switch?  Or do you scale it back to an 8x8 and then add some splitters and share 2 of the rooms?  Fortunately there is a modular alternative available from Just Add Power that not only will meet your design layout needs, but is also HDMI and HDCP compliant as well.

 Just Add Power’s HDMI/IP (HDMI over Internet Protocol) system that creates an Ethernet-based HDMI network.  As an example, instead of thinking of using an 8x8 component-like box, it could be 3x10, or 10x3 or any combination you can think of since you are using a single HDMI transmitter for each video source, and a single receiver (replaces the video balun) at each TV!  With a modular design, it also doesn’t matter if all the equipment is centralized, or if you have BluRay player in the master bedroom that you want on the HDMI network for viewing in the family room or all the other rooms!  Instead of using a matrix switch, the Ethernet network switch becomes the matrix switch with the transmitters (VLAN’s) and receivers plugged into it making it’s own HD video LAN.  I should also probably mention at this point that it supports 1080p, 3D formats, multi-channel audio (up to 7.1 surround sound for PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS & THX) USB over IP, RS232, and also has a built-in HDMI audio extractor with programmable audio delay and has drivers for Control4!  Using TCP/IP is more efficient, is HDCP & HDMI compliant, which makes sense since it’s currently being used by DirecTV, cable companies, and HD streaming downloads like iTunes does.  This is a more flexible cost effective design that will meet your needs today and tomorrow.


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