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The smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home are considered the basics- providing the required by law alert to indicate a fire or CO concern, BUT they are only as useful if you are home to hear the alarm. If no one is present at the time of the alert, the property, valuables, and pets are at the mercy of a neighbor or passerby and their ability to alert local emergency authorities quickly.

The safer alternative is to add smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to your monitored Safe-T Security System. For the price of a couple added sensors, Safe-T's professional monitoring service makes the difference between a few minutes of response time and potentially hours.

In the case of CO or smoke inhalation, the occupants of the home often may not be conscious enough to contact local authorities- a Safe-T monitored system removes that risk.  Children, elderly individuals and pets may be unable to contact emergency response services in the event of a home fire or carbon monoxide situation. Safe-T can be their voice.

Not all fires damage the entirety of the home, but if left unattended those fires can potentially impact the majority of the property over time. If quickly acted upon, both the home and personal belongs can be saved in many cases.

Gain peace of mind of knowing whether you are home or away, that your home and its occupants are professionally protected in the event of a fire or CO detection. With our smart home app, you can receive these alerts on your mobile phone.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 84% of fire related deaths are due to home fires. Carbon monoxide kills an average of 400 Americans each year, as reported by US Product Safety Commission office. The risks are real, and we believe the safety of your family is number one.

Safe-T is proud to offer our professional monitoring services, plus the discount offered by most Home Insurance carriers for having a monitored alarm often covers the costs of your monthly monitoring service. Call us today for more information at 866.607.2338.