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Do I need alarm monitoring?

There’s a myth that professional alarm monitoring is overpriced and redundant. The idea goes like this: if window sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are plenty capable of triggering alarms that shriek loud enough to let you and your neighbors know there’s something going on, why pay a company to be clued in on the obvious?

First off, alarm monitoring doesn’t need to be expensive. For example, Safe-T provides monitoring services for as little as $13.95 per month—an incredible bargain considering all you get in that package.

So what are the benefits of alarm monitoring?

When an un-monitored alarm goes off, you have three responsibilities: ensuring both the safety of your family and yourself; identifying the source of the threat; and contacting authorities. Professional alarm monitoring services cut this list down to one item: get everyone to safety.

Alarm monitoring centers—of which Safe-T is linked to three simultaneously—pay attention to the status of your alarm system 24/7. When your alarm goes off, the center receives a notification and immediately contacts authorities to be dispatched to your property—so if you’re sleeping at night and your smoke or heat detector senses a fire, all you need to do is get out of the house safely and the monitoring center and fire department handle the rest.

Additionally, you can’t hear your alarms when you’re at the store or out of town, but the monitoring center can. If you’re on vacation and a burglar breaks into your house or a fire starts, a Safe-T monitoring center will send assistance so you can rest assured your property will stay safe. It’s true that unmonitored systems could just as easily notify you of a security breach via phone call or text message, but that still means you have to worry about assessing the situation and calling authorities if necessary—which becomes quite difficult when you’re not on-site. With Safe-T monitoring, you get both the peace of mind that your property is being looked after and the personal notification services all in one affordable package.


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